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License Optimization (SLO)

OptimizationSoftware assets are critical elements of IT systems; their management requires complex IT, accounting, and legal knowledge. Software License Optimization (SLO) extends beyond handling the legal risk of non-compliant software usage.


The inadequate treatment of license lifecycles may load significant extra costs and risks on the organization: the financial risk of overlicensing, unfavorable procurement, unused shelfware, etc. According to IDC: "Software license complexity will cost organizations an average of 25% of their software license budgets."


More and more CEOs and CFOs realize that software assets are not only the CIO’s problem. Applying license optimization processes and technologies are essential tools of risk and cost reduction. Consultants of IPR-Insights are aware of best practices, opportunities, and probable pitfalls, so they can provide organizations a helping hand, so that they spend just as much for software, as it is necessary, and no more.


Our experts are at your disposal including but not limited to these types of consulting services:


IBM License Management, Regular ILMT Services

ILMT migration, installation, survey, exploiting cost reduction options

Support of IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 7.2.2 and 7.5 is discontinued

IBM License Metric Tool, a free software asset management system based on HCL BigFix technology is the most effective tool for measuring your IBM software usage and managing your IBM licenses. Using ILMT is not only an option but also a must if the Company wants to take advantage of sub-capacity licensing. Sub-Capacity Licensing stands for licensing server products on virtual CPU capacity consumption, which can result in significant cost savings of up to 10-12 times, compared to the full-capacity option. However, the prerequisite for this is the implementation and proper usage of the current version of ILMT within 90 days of deploying IBM products in virtualized environments, while the generation of usage reports on a quarterly basis is also required.

Maintenance of ILMT requires significant and regular operating efforts; preparation of usage reports requires thorough and up-to-date IBM licensing knowledge. IBM is one of the most active auditors among software vendors. The existence and adequacy of ILMT reports receive special attention in every audit, the lack of appropriate ILMT reports leads to a license requirement defined by the total physical server capacity on list price and some additional items.


Microsoft Optimization Service

OptimizationMicrosoft does not offer licensing training for end-users, clients. In the absence of a better choice, the license manager can build his / her licensing expertise on his / her own research work, blog posts, and his / her own experience - in the wrong case, collected under the pressure of a vendor audit. Licensing is constantly changing, and mixed on-premise and cloud models also complicate the interpretation of terms of use for purchased / subscribed products. Several clients ask for the help of reseller partners, but you can only expect a true license optimization approach from an independent expert selling no licenses at all.


In our Microsoft license optimization service, our consultants determine the range of information and data needed to determine the license position, and then collect the necessary information and data from the client's IT system. For complete data collection, we recommend using the SAM-Insights software asset management tool.


The analysis of the collected data and information, the comparison of the surveyed software usage and the documentation of the available licenses provide a basis for determining the effective license position and preparing the compliance report.


Of course, compliance can be ensured not only by purchasing additional licenses, but also by reviewing the possibilities of different licensing models and eliminating the use of applications that are not necessary for the operation of the company - where appropriate, even selling used licenses.


Our experts compile their usage optimization and procurement proposals according to the above aspects, especially with regard to the comparison of large enterprise licensing models (EA, MPSA, SPLA, etc.), software tracking capabilities and subscription / on-line application options.


If you are interested in our Microsoft optimization service, write to us so that we can inform you in detail about the details!

Oracle Optimization Service

Due to the special licensing rules of Oracle, the purchased licenses often have a variety of rules. Because of this, comparing usage and licenses is typically a license consultant’s task. In reporting compliance, a commonly used incorrect method is applying current rules for the whole environment. Our contractual process can result in a more accurate and even more favorable compliance situation.


The review of Oracle Database software products is different from that of software products identified upon installation files: license need is not solely defined by installed functions, but internal configurations and hardware environment must also be considered. Our ORCA for SAM-Insights tool configured and developed upon these specific demands makes your actual software use visible.


As a result:

  • operators can get a clear picture of the licensable use of their database,
  • the license manager can see the license requirement resulting from the use,
  • based on the results, IT management gets the opportunity to manage Oracle licensed assets instead of just following risk avoidance strategy.

Based on accurate information, our consultants will help you understand the audit risks and their licensing options. Based on the surveyed data, optimization of usage and infrastructure can be performed considering licensing aspects, in order to reduce operating and investment costs.


If you are interested in Oracle license optimization, send us a mail so that we can personally provide details or download our brochure!

SAP optimization service

Transparency in Your Effective Licensing Position (ELP)

Analyzing and Optimizing SAP Software Licenses

Data-cost-risk-plan-strategyOur SAP optimization service automates the optimization of SAP licenses based on the current transactions of SAP systems connected. License reports can be generated automatically, improperly assigned licenses, inactive users and duplications can be identified, and optimal license types allocated to transactions currently in use.


Based on project experiences, 20-40% of users are over licensed in SAP systems! Our service facilitates the optimal utilization of all details of the SAP license agreement, including prices, percentage rules, special licenses, transactions, business objects, engines, etc.


Our service provides you a transparent view on the Effective License Position (ELP) of your organization regarding SAP. We are not an SAP reseller, so no result of an SAP optimization service is in conflict with our business interests. As an independent licensing consultant, we help our clients in legitimate and cost-effective software asset management, so that they spend just as much for their software as it is necessary, and no more!


Digital access / indirect use

Digital Access is one of the hottest topics today. Counting interface connections and digital objects, evaluating business use of SAP generated data, and finding the best license types are just a few of the current issues. We provide expert support and the specific samQ tool to establish a firm statement on your SAP indirect access situation and mitigate your financial risk as much as possible. Our experience shows that by far not all cases belong to indirect use that seem to at first glance.


Role and authorization management

GDPR, SOD, Security, all have a lot to do with SAP role and authorization management. SetQ is an easy to deploy tool containing thousands of roles and a wide range of roles and authorization management tools. It automates your SAP access management keeping it audit-ready and reportable any time. Access-based licensing is more at the forefront of SAP’s revenue generation than transactional, so close control of access profiles is crucial.


Advantages of SAP optimization service by IPR-Insights

  • Decreasing administrative costs: we prepare all systems for LAW-inspection.
  • Decreasing legal risk: automatic audit of all engines of the system launched centrally
  • No unprepared audit: you will be aware of the audit report content well before even receiving that.
  • A more accurate inventory of current licenses, and future needs.


Selling used software licenses

New or Used?When optimizing software licenses, the question often arises whether it is possible to sell software (licenses) that have been used until then but have become obsolete, as this solution can lead to immediate cost savings.

The legal bases for selling used software (also known as the secondary software market) are regulated at EU level. The legal basis for the secondary software market, as for other copyright works, is provided by the exhaustion institution: the right to distribute a copy of a software product to the holder of that right (who is the copyright owner - usually the producer) is exhausted if he or anyone with his consent others sell within the European Economic Area (EEA). And since 2012, exhaustion is also applied to software downloaded from the Internet that does not have physical work. Any license terms that would limit or exclude this option will be void!

There are several conditions that must be met in order to legally sell used software, so it is advisable to rely on a partner who has a proven track record, experience, and reliability when selling. Our company with nearly two decades of experience and knowledge of the relevant legislation will help you optimize your costs.

If you are interested in the maturity level of your organization’s software asset management processes, please download our maturity model description!