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IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy was founded in 2009 upon our clients’ demand, who required practical software asset management (SAM) and licensing knowledge of adequate depth. That’s why we assembled our curriculum based on project experiences, presenting local case studies.

  • Our “Basic LicenseAcademy” training focuses on the theory and practice of SAM, and provides a complex view on the licensing of the products of the major software vendors.
  • From 2013, again upon clients’ demand, we launched vendor-specific (Microsoft and Oracle) advanced courses with more detailed information upon these vendors and their software licenses.
  • In 2017, we launched Cloud LicenseAcademy training on license models and specialties of cloud services
  • From 2019, further courses are available: IBM and SAP advanced courses.
  • From 2020, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP LicenseAcademy courses are launched in Bucharest, too.

Due to the epidemic situation, we provide online training courses until our traditional on-site LicenseAcademy format can be resumed.

Training calendar

Please click the desired course to apply:

Training Topics

Trainers are the consultants of IPR-Insights specialized and experienced in the given topic.

Training courses of the LicenseAcademy are related but are not built on each other, so passing one training is not a prerequisite of applying for another. Training materials are assembled to go around the specific topic as complete as possible, and provide participants with as detailed information as it is required in their daily professional work. Nevertheless, for those who are inexperienced in the world of licensing basic training is suggested first.

Participants receive the printouts of the slides, ensuring that they can make good use of the skill obtained later, as well.

Licensing expert grades

After the training, we measure the knowledge of participants by an online test incorporating practical examples, too. Successful candidates will be awarded a licensing expert grade in line with the training(s) they have completed, and they can post their registered digital badge on their online profile.

IPR-insights LicenseAcademy e-badges
The details of the grading system is available here.


Due to the epidemic situation currently, we provide online training courses. All information required for joining will be sent to participants upon receipt of the training fee.

The courses of the LicenseAcademy are scheduled in a training calendar, and registration is required. Upon request, we also deliver off-calendar courses. Please contact us for special company training! Occasional discounts are announced on our webpages.