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Master your skills at LicenseAcademy!

Having difficulty with daily software asset management and licensing issues?
Even the most professional license managers can benefit from our courses.

Become a certified licensing expert!

At our LicenseAcademy, we do not offer a one-time solution, but marketable knowledge that allows you to reduce your software costs by up to 30%!

You may also get acquainted with the theory and practice of software asset management, as well as get a comprehensive picture of the licensing of major vendors and their products.


Earlier, software licensing professionals could only hone their skills at their own “expense”. IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy offers our clients a practical “survival kit” on licensing and software asset management challenges.

The curricula of the training courses – delivered by our experienced consultants – incorporate real-life project case studies. Participants receive the slides of the lectures and can also take an exam and obtain a certified professional qualification, which they can share in the form of an e-badge, even on their online profile.

Our Basic course covers the theory and practice of software asset management and provides a comprehensive overview of the main vendors and their products’ licensing. Our Cloud training helps our customers to navigate among cloud service terms and product licensing models. While our vendor-specific (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP) advanced training courses are designed for professionals who need more detailed information on specific vendors and their products.


Reduce licence costs and risk

As a vendor-independent consultant – the Robin Hood of licensing – we develop solutions that enable business users to reduce both their software license costs and the risks associated with incompliant software usage.

Licensing experts

Business users are supported by our internationally recognized expert consultants.

Equal negotiating conditions

We are a vendor independent software license consulting firm on your side, and we have been working continuously to create equal negotiating conditions between software vendors and business users.

Transparent licensing terms

We believe that users deserve transparent licensing terms, and that they should be applied in a way that is optimal for them.


Microsoft LicenseAcademy

Our Microsoft course helps you find your way around Microsoft’s licensing models and product licensing issues. Our goal is to provide participants with the solid theoretical foundation needed in the field and to introduce them to the intricate world of Microsoft’s licensing models.

Oracle LicenseAcademy

Our Oracle course is designed to help you navigate the world of Oracle licensing and get the latest licensing information. Join our next online course and master your skills in Java and Oracle licensing!

SAP LicenseAcademy

SAP software licenses are a huge expense in the IT systems of almost every large enterprise. If you want to learn how to remove this burden, don’t hesitate to sign up for our course and find out about the world of licensing arrangements. Join our next online course and master your skills in SAP strategy and SAP licensing models!


Trainers are the consultants of IPR-Insights specialized and experienced in the given topic. The topics of the courses are related but are not built on each other, so passing one course is not a prerequisite of applying for another. Training materials are assembled to cover the specific topic as complete as possible and provide participants with detailed information as is required in their daily professional work. Participants receive the slides of the lectures and can take an exam providing certified professional qualification, which they can even share as an e-badge on their social media profiles.
The upcoming LicenseAcademy courses will be held online due to the epidemic situation.


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