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IPR-Insights licensing expert grades

From 2020, we launch a new grade-system providing LicenseAcademy trainees receive a certificate of their acquired knowledge. Our courses provide uniquely comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of software licensing and software asset management, enabling graduate trainees to represent their firm’s interests well prepared in software negotiations with vendors.

Participants passing a LicenseAcademy course and taking the exam can obtain IPR-Insights certified licensing expert grades. Exam questions covering the specific training subject are available online, and students can take the exam at any time within two weeks of the course.

IPR-insights LicenseAcademy e-badges

Participants completing some of the IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy courses (and passing the exam) can earn licensing expert grades certified by Badgewell-registered digital credentials (e-badges). Each grade is available in the following scoring system:

  • LicenseGeneralist: 250 points
  • LicenseExpert: 500 points
  • LicenseGuru: from 1100 points

Acquired grades (and badges) expire after 2 years, but of course they can be renewed with new points. IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy provides course participants with the following scoring opportunities:

  • Graduate Basic LicenseAcademy (+ successful exam): 250 points
  • 1-day Advanced LicenseAcademy Grade (+ successful exam): 300 points
  • 2-day Advanced LicenseAcademy Grade (+ successful exam): 400 points
  • 6 hours online Advanced LicenseAcademy (+ successful exam): 300 points
  • Completion of more than one LicenseAcademy within 1 year (+ successful exam): 50 points
  • Badgewell profile registration: 50 points
  • Digital badge sharing on the participant’s personal LinkedIn page: 50 points (obtainable once)
  • Digital badge sharing on the participant’s personal Facebook page: 50 points (obtainable once)
  • Online quiz on SAM Pro Club LinkedIn: 50 points
  • Bringing new IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy participant: 50 points (when paying course fee)

Participants achieving 500+ points are entitled to a 30% discount from the fees of additional LicenseAcademy courses.
Participants achieving 1250 points receive an IPR-Insights gift!


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