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SAM-Insights System

The user-friendly tool for cost-effective and legitimate software asset management

IPR-Insights considers the implementation of the possible most automated system essential to set up and run an efficient software asset management process.

Our proprietary modular SAM-Insights is a dedicated user-friendly software asset management tool. Its unmatched complex functionality was specified by our experts with comprehensive licensing knowledge and software audit experience. The regularly updated knowledge base includes the licensing schemes of the major vendors, thus data registration is easier, more accurate, and quicker.

In addition to software and hardware data collection, and the full implementation of enterprise software inventory registration, an exceptional S.M.A.R.T. license reconciliation feature and optional modules – like collecting non-scannable licensing data, software request, or elimination of unnecessary and not approved usage – also support the work of a license manager.

SAM-Insights Core System

Based on our experience, successful software inventory management mostly depends on the completeness of data collection, adequacy of application identification, and accuracy of handling license features. Therefore, these three fields have been identified as key factors when developing our system. SAM-Insights is a modular system and its modules support various segments of software asset management. (Some modules provide functionalities covered by the SAM-Insights license, but implemented only upon request and for an additional fee.)

Optional Modules of SAM-Insights

There are also optional modules available for an additional charge. These modules provide extra functionality for the SAM-Insights system:

Software Catalog (SWCat)

Filing CabinetThe Software Catalog module gives the means to assign a corporate level classification to certain software versions. This classification may include categorization (forbidden and approved software version) or other specifications (e.g. operational ones).

The goal of categorization is implementing operational and security aspects in software usage, and homogenizing the software park by unified version usage. Prior to launching the SWCat, classification categories should be defined, and descriptions of categorization principles attached.

Breach Mail (BMail)

MailboxThe BMail module can send automatic notification or alert emails to users. It is based on the database and data collections of the SAM-Insights system, supplemented with data from the company-specific interfaces.

Possible mail topics include: using licenses that expire within 30/60/90/120 days; game software, portable, torrent, etc. use of software; use of “prohibited” software based on software catalog rating.

The content and format of the notification sent can be customized according to the needs of the company. Freedom of content is provided by the arbitrary use of SAM-Insights reports, as well as mixed, customized new custom reports, while formal freedom is provided by the possibilities of editing in HTML and CSS.

Metering Mail (MMail)

MMail can send notifications about the frequency of software usage or applications that are not in use on certain clients. These notifications can serve as a basis for the removal of software that is not or very rarely used for some reason. The function runs unnoticed in the background, not interfering with daily work of users.

Advanced Central Data Collector (ACDC)

Collecting network dataBy providing appropriate permissions and data sources, ACDC is able to read and load into SAM-Insights system the usage data of software products that are not measurable by scanning the computers.

In these cases, software is not licensed based on the number of installations, but other metrics (e.g. number of users, number of transactions, etc.). Another case might be the absence of installed components (e.g. Core CAL).

Software Request Module

Online requestBy the web-based software request module, users can request software using the intranet. The request passes through a defined workflow then upon approval, even installation can be arranged automatically applying a suitable deployment tool.

Approved request is transformed to a license dedication in the SAM-Insights database.

ORCA for SAM-Insights

ORCA for SAM-InsightsIn the case of Oracle Database products, license need is not solely defined by installed functions, but internal configurations and hardware environment also must be considered. Based on most users’ opinion, not only non-compliant usage carries considerable financial risk due to the intensive audit activity of Oracle, but also its opaque license terms, and the ease of switching on unlicensed database options (without notice regarding license fee implications).

IT teams responsible for running Oracle installations would clearly benefit from ORCA for SAM-Insights, an independent tool that helps in monitoring actual product usage and licensing demand based on Oracle’s licensing policies.

For more information, please download the SAM-Insights product sheet!