GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00881 project for SAM-Insights Appliance data analytics dedicated hardware development – IPR-Insights License Consulting

GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00881 project for SAM-Insights Appliance data analytics dedicated hardware development

In the framework of the call for proposals GINOP-2.1.7 “Prototype, product, technology and service development”, IPR-Insights International Zrt. will implement “Development of a mobile processor technology-based SAM-Insights Appliance data analytics dedicated hardware capable of a high-level analysis of large volumes of license management data collections at low power consumption and maintenance costs

Project ID: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00881

Amount awarded to the project: 49 138 896 Ft

Planned completion date: 2019.08.31.

Aid intensity: 59,74%

Project content:

We plan to develop the SAM-Insights Appliance target hardware by combining 16 or 32 stand-alone capable processor modules into a single high-performance computing cluster unit. This would result in a target hardware processor density of up to 128 cores with a combined memory capacity of 64 GB. The solution can perform computational operations at low power consumption even under peak load, with the power consumption of each processor module below the 10 Watt threshold. For comparison, the current mainstream Intel Xeon processor-based high-end servers have a processor density of around 16 cores, 32 GB memory capacity, and a peak power consumption of 100-150 Watts per processor.

SAM-Insight Appliance’s target hardware server implementation and the experience gained from it has led to three technical and technical results: first, the selection of a mobile processor module family that has optimal ratios in terms of a number of processor cores, memory capacity, storage read/write speed and network bandwidth. On the other hand, to coordinate the operation of selected types of processor modules, both from an IT and a mathematical point of view. Thirdly, it will provide the technical and technical knowledge and experience that will enable the selected processor family to be integrated into the target hardware solution as new manufacturers and processor subtypes evolve. The explosion and evolution of mobile devices have brought with it a leap forward in the development of mobile processors, making it necessary to reuse technological advances in the design of newer versions of the target hardware. The result of these three achievements is the SAM-Insights Appliance target hardware server, based on mobile technology, which is able to combine the cost-efficiency of mobile processors with the computing power of a high-performance server cluster with many members.

A brief summary of the project:

The following prototyping, testing, and product development activities were carried out as part of the innovation project:

We have aggregated the innovative sub-disciplines and co-disciplines related to the IT domains and co-disciplines to be developed for the prototype, and then created a prototype plan that includes the detailed steps of the prototype development, establishing the exact delineation of the required sub-activities.

Using innovative mobile technology, we developed the prototype software engine built on Big Data technology foundations. A customized Apache Hadoop system is responsible for distributed and fault-tolerant data storage and a prototype-optimized Apache Spark system ensures distributed data processing.

The SAM-Insights license management software was successfully adapted to the prototype. An efficient version of the engine for processing the license recognition ruleset has been developed.

Testing of the prototype and full remediation of the identified deficiencies to eliminate the identified defects has been carried out. A subcontractor has been engaged to carry out performance testing of data storage and processing.

By comparing the test results with the analysis of the results of the market survey, the technical IT characteristics of the product to be marketed were developed.