5 Star Review for samQ from Gartner PeerInsights – IPR-Insights License Consulting

5 Star Review for samQ from Gartner PeerInsights

In a review of software asset management tools conducted by Gartner, samQ by VOQUZ received 5 stars!

Gartner PeerInsights 5 Stars

The “Review Of A Consultant On The Tool” emphasizes that this vendor react very quickly to all questions, inquires of their customer, and provides assistance even if complex, time-consuming topics are concerned.

Their key issues were SAP’s complex and always changing licensing policies, not enough information on the license selection and real usage, and new licensing models initiated by SAP. Their portfolio included: SAP R/3, SAP Solution Manager, SAP IS-U, SAP BW, and SAP SRM.

The most attractive features of samQ were: quick implementation, bugless working, a wide variety of customization and specification, covering all critical SAP measurement areas, and regular updates.

The reviewer recommends the company-wide implementation of the tool right from the launch of the project and using the many built-in automatic functions that the tool provides. He declares that the return on investment was extremely fast and the results help them negotiate with SAP ever since.