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IPR-Insights: 18 (2002-2020 Timeline)

18 years is a long time! It provides some retrospective insight: during these years, a lot has happened to us – and around us. If you feel like it, let us roam together in the recent past!

IPR-Insights 18: 2002-2020 timeline



SAP Business One business management software (ERP) was released

IPR-Insights was founded to provide software asset management (SAM) solutions


Linux 2.6 was released

LinkedIn business and employment-oriented social platform launched

Microsoft Office 2003 was released

Oracle 9i Database Release


Google indexed more than 8 billion pages on the web

Facebook (limited to Harvard students only) started this year

Firefox 1.0 web browser was released


YouTube, the first video sharing site came online


Twitter, the micro-blogging site opens with 140 characters maximum per message

Oracle Database 10g Release

The first version of SAM-Insights software asset management system was released


Apple launched iPhone revolutionizing the mobile phone industry

Google Docs, free web-based spreadsheets, and word processing tools were released

Microsoft Office 2007 was released

Microsoft released the operating system Windows Vista

SAM-Insights Web Request Module (supporting software requests via the Internet) was released


T-Mobile announces the G1, also known as the HTC Dream, as the first device on the market to feature the Android 1.0 platform

Google release the first version of Chrome web browser

Oracle Database 11g Release

ISO 19770-1 (Software Asset Management Processes) standard is published in Hungarian with the contribution of IPR-Insights


Microsoft released the operating system Windows 7

IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy courses were launched

SAM-Insights BMail Module was released


Apple released the iPad, a revolution in portable “tablet” computing

Microsoft Office 2010 was released

Windows Phone was released

SAP HANA relational database management system was released

Skype high-definition video conferencing was released

Viber was launched by Rakuten


Amazon released the Kindle Fire tablet computer/eReader

Linux 3.0 was released

Messenger was released

Microsoft released Office 365


Microsoft released the operating system Windows 8

Tesla Model S, the ‘software-based’ car was released

SAM-Insights SWcat Module was released


Microsoft Office 2013 was released

Lotus 1-2-3 was discontinued

Oracle Database 12c Release


Microsoft released OneDrive

IPR-Insights finished its 300th SAM project


Linux 4.0 was released

Microsoft released its operating system Windows 10 & the Edge web browser

Microsoft Office 2016 was released

Bonitás Venture Capital Fund Management Company invested HUF 430 M to finance the market expansion plans of IPR-Insights


Google launched G Suite

IPR-Insights Poland was launched in Warsaw


Adobe announced the end of support date for its Flash Player

Microsoft announced the end of development of Windows Phone


The European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable as of May 25th, in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe

Microsoft Office 2019 was released

The New Year started with the 500th SAM project completed successfully by IPR-Insights


IBM closed the acquisition of Red Hat

Linux 5.0 was released

Széchenyi Venture Capital Fund announced HUF 465 M investment to help the expansion of IPR-Insights in Romania and the development of ORCA software asset management tool

IPR-Insights Romania was launched in Bucharest


Chrome-based Edge browser was released

Office 365 was renamed to Microsoft 365

ORCA for SAM-Insights was released

IPR-Insights consultants are at your disposal with the experience of 18 years and 700+ successful SAM projects