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Our Team

Richárd Bősz

Richárd joined the identification team with a wide variety of IT knowledge and great enthusiasm in 2020. He has several Cisco CCNA certifications and experience in Microsoft client and server management and System administration.

Sándor Zsoldos

He is one of the founders of IPR-Insights. Working for the biggest software producer in the world, he figured that the modern version of the old phrase saying “set a thief to catch a thief” is “get a

Zsolt Csala

He is leading the operations of IPR-Insights within Hungary. He aspires to pass on his widespread IT consultancy, project management, and software asset management experience to the consultants of IPR-Insights while assisting

Octavian Filip

Octavian Filip

Law graduate and long-distance runner, our alliances and international sales manager has over a decade of experience in licensing software and licensing agreements with large and enterprise size companies in Europe, both

Janusz Krzyczkowski

Master of Business Administration holder from Leon Koźmiński?s Academy. Graduate from Mathematics and Information Technology Department, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń as well as from Physics Faculty at the

Nyuzó Ádám

Ádám Nyuzó

The leader of the software developer team of IPR-Insights, manager and active participant of solving any software development issue arising in our work. In addition to coordinating the development activities, he also supports

Jakub Panas

Kuba began his professional career as IT specialist in a small trading company. Then he joined a governmental organization dealing in public health, where he acted as: business analyst, Project Manager, public tender specialist,

Monika Chojnowska, IPR-Insights Poland

Monika Chojnowska

Monika graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. For over eight years, she gained experience in the IT industry, first working for one of the largest integrators in the

Berecz Zoltán

Zoltán Berecz

He is the engine of IPR-Insights sales. With his arrival in 2010, we could open also to the medium size companies, since previously, Zoli has been working particularly for this sector at one of the world’s biggest

Pap Szilárd

Szilárd Pap

He graduated in IT engineering and gained most of his experience as a project manager with various enterprises by implementing and operating IT infrastructure and applications. He has a wide range of software and hardware

Fábián László, CMO

László Fábián

He strives to direct the communications and marketing of IPR-Insights purposefully, backed by several years? multisectoral professional experience. Earlier, he solved similar tasks at local software developer, systems

Orsolya Bock

She is the soul of IPR-Insights and the solver of all our problems. She is qualified HR manager, working on improving our HR system to the contentment of the team and the management. She holds her ear to the ground does

Cservenka Judit

Judit Cservenka

Judit started working at IPR-Insights applying her knowledge gained in small and large enterprises. She understands Hungarian information technology market, where she has been working for fifteen years. She graduated as

Dr. Dániel Rogányi

He studied law at the Universities of Pécs and Cologne, and subsequently, enriched his skills with public procurement and financial studies. He got involved with the magical world of software licenses at IBM’s international

Auerhammer Nóra

Nóra Auerhammer

Coming from the country?s largest enterprise she joined IPR-Insights team to utilize her software asset management knowledge as a consultant, now supporting our clients in their efforts. Her almost 10 years of experience

Kornél Girardi

He used to help customers through the maze of licensing at some of the largest distributors of Hungary; today he is using these skills at IPR-Insights. He is an IT specialist by profession, but also snooker enchanted him,

Posta Attila

Attila Posta

Attila joined IPR-Insights in 2018 bringing SAP knowledge and experience to establish SAP software license management division at IPR-Insights, building service portfolio and develop business in Hungary and Poland.  He

Czap Orsolya

Orsolya Czap

Orsi joined the IPR-Insights team in September 2019, with 23 years of work experience at different types of IT trading companies. She is experienced in retail, system integration, and also distribution in the IT world.

Kovács Andrea

Andrea Kovács

She joined IPR Insights as a licensing consultant in August 2019. She graduated at ELTE as a lawyer, but she also studied a semester at Masaryk University with an Erasmus scholarship – focusing on IT, so it was obvious

Hédai Gábor

Gábor Hédai

Gábor joined the IPR-Insights team in the autumn of 2020. In terms of his career, he took an adventurous journey in the last couple of years. He has gained experience in banking, commercial, and energy environment. He

Alíz Teixeira Juhász

Aliz spent the first 10 years of her career in a multinational environment in the finance area, of which she worked 5 years abroad on an SAP implementation and process harmonization project as a business process expert.

Gyulai Péter

Péter Gyulai

Peter worked for 15 years at multinational companies in various IT-related positions. He has several Microsoft (client and server-side), Cisco CCNA, Prince2 and ITIL intermediate certificates. In his role as an infrastructure

Tóth Zoltán Tamás

Zoltán Tamás Tóth

Zoli joined our team in the beginning of 2019. He started his IT career as an enthusiastic pioneer working on a ZX-81 PC borrowed from the local factory for the weekend. In the 28 years in between, he gained experience

Sipos Nándor

Nándor Sipos

Nándor joined the IPR-Insights team at the end of 2018. As an infrastructure consultant, he plays important role in the implementation projects of the SAM-Insights software registry system, provides technical support

Balczer András

András Balczer

András joined IPR-Insights team in the spring of 2018, earlier, he worked as database analyst at a market leader media company. He was infected with the world of IT already during his high school years. Since then, with

Dr. Tamás Hegedüs

He has been a member of IPR-Insights? legal team since July 2018. He has always been interested in information technology, and between the connection points between this area and the field of law, he found the legal protection

Gál Vivien

Vivien Gál

As a fresh graduate, she tried herself in several different fields and positions when she happened upon the role of office assistant, with which she luckily fell in love with soon after. In close cooperation with Orsi,

Lajos Vitányi

Lajos has joined IPR-Insights? developer team recently, and he brings valuable knowledge into the division based on many years professional experience. Earlier, he participated in designing and developing databases, and

Csabay Zsófia

Zsófia Csabay

After completing her international relations and Turkish studies at Eötvös Loránd University, she gained experiences in public administration and continued to build on her background in multisectoral medium size and

Gábor Kovács

Gábor joined the IPR-Insights team in the summer of 2017. He graduated as a sociologist and cameraman. By a sudden impulse, he jumped into the fantastic world of information technology and has not regretted it. He has

Joanna Zomborszki

Joanna Zomborszki

Asia was the first international member of the company hired from Poland as a result of our European conquest plans. She studied Hungarian and German philology at the Jagellonian University in Cracow and decided to settle

Tibor Vincze-Berecz

Tibor has been active in the IT market for 15 years, by profession, he is an IT statistician and economic planner. First, he worked as a sales manager and partner manager for IT retailers, then, as an IT outsourcing consultant

Ács Balázs

Balázs Ács

There cannot be a lot of software products around the world, which he doesn’t know by head. He’s extremely fast in recognizing new products, which is a needed value facing the challenges software producers

Hatvani Attila

Attila Hatvani

By profession, he is computer mechanic and maintainer. After working for smaller companies as data recorder, Attila joined IPR-Insights team, where he learned the basics of software identification and registration. Over

Bősz Richárd

Richárd Bősz

Richárd joined the identification team with a wide variety of IT knowledge and great enthusiasm in 2020. He has several Cisco CCNA certifications and experience in Microsoft client and server management and system administration.

Gottstein Dávid

Dávid Gottstein

Dávid joined the developer team of IPR-Insights after he gained experiences in international and Hungarian companies as software developer and system administrator. His degree in electrical engineering in telecommunication

Péter Princzesz

He gained his experience as a systems engineer in IT infrastructure operation, development, application server operation and similar projects at medium and large enterprises. He has diverse hardware and software experience,

Hidasi György

György Hidasi

He gained his wide-scale knowledge as system administrator and desktop supporter throughout various small-, medium- and large enterprises, including a software company, oil company, beer brewery and even a commercial television.

Repkényi Balázs

Balázs Repkényi

As an Oracle licensing expert, he has been helping our clients in opposing software vendor audits and coping with the particular challenges of Oracle software asset management for more than 10 years and on five continents.