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IPR-Insights License Consulting ? Software License Optimisation and SAM Audit Support

April 25, 2019 CIO Applications Europe:

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While leading a sales team at Microsoft in 2002, Sándor Zsoldos had to communicate with clients about the then changing Microsoft licensing model. The new model would give customers numerous options for their software asset management (SAM), leaving them in a dilemma to choose the right one for their business. After hearing a couple of queries about the same from customers, Zsoldos realised the need for independent SAM along with license consulting services and hence decided to establish IPR-Insights License Consulting, collaborating with one of his friends and a colleague.

?We realised that only delivering consulting services was not enough because there was also a need for accurate data, and our clients did not have the tools for it,? says Sándor Zsoldos, founder & CEO, IPR-Insights License Consulting. Subsequently, around 2005, the IPR-Insights team developed SAM-Insights, a solution that focused on performing a quick assessment of customers? environment and software asset maintenance.

SAM-Insights eliminates the complexity involved in licensing and makes it easy to gather software and hardware data from workstations and servers. It also administers and automatically assigns licenses in enterprise environments. Soon after its launch, SAM-Insights gained popularity in Hungarian as well as in few of the other international markets. The company assists a vast client base comprising SMBs with hundreds of endpoints to enterprises with up to 20,000 endpoints across Hungary and Poland. Today, these two regions confer a huge clientele to IPR-Insights comprising names such as OTP Bank, MOL Group, PKO Bank Polski, and KGHM. Currently, IPR-Insights is managing over 550 SAM projects for more than 150 customers across banking, mining, government, telecommunications, and utility industries.

IPR-Insights also extends audit support services to measure and optimise clients? software usage regarding Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware, and other vendors. As a consulting company, IPR-Insights advises its clients on reconstructing their infrastructure and employing different versions of a tool. Every SAM project undertaken by IPR-Insights focuses on reducing the amount that a customer needs to pay to obtain software licenses by 20-25 percent. Recently, IPR-Insights even saved an organisation a license cost equalling 70-75 percent of their annual SAP license spending, which has been a huge success for the consulting team. In this case, the client signed their license contract about 5-10 years ago and did not amend it ever since. IPR-Insights measured their actual usage of software and assisted them in negotiating a new licensing contract with SAP.

Besides providing cost-effective software licensing and SAM audits, IPR-Insights aids its customers in governing their asset management processes through its on-premise and remote tools that are compatible with Windows, Unix, and Linux. ?As more and more enterprise software services become cloud-based, we ensure that our tools are compatible with the cloud environment,? stresses Zsoldos. This has helped IPR-Insights widen its ambit as enterprises often demand cloudbased services. To strengthen its position further in the market, the company?s goal for the next few years is to build dynamic cloud-based services to provide enhanced level of SAM.

IPR-Insights further intends to develop a system that can underpin new licensing models and technologies. At present, it is designing solution for MacOS, Oracle, and special cloudbased services, which will be launched in the next few months. IPR-Insights is also keen to collaborate with the major software vendors to eliminate the hurdles faced by customers in the European region with regard to SAM. The company?s association with a technology partner ? provider of a SAP solution ? allows IPR-Insights to extend SAP services through SAM-Insights. With these add-ons, the firm is successfully addressing the majority of the issues related to software licensing and SAM audits.