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Microsoft Certifies High Level Software Asset Management at PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski received a Microsoft certificate confirming the successful completion of the Software Asset Management (SAM) process and the fulfillment of quality standards in software management. The aim of the project was to review internal procedures related to software management in the company. Thanks to implementation of the Software Asset Management process PKO Bank Polski has made another step confirming its application of the highest IT security standards.


PKO Bank Polski and the companies of the Capital Group of the Bank went through the Software Asset Management process under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. It consisted of a detailed review of the implemented procedures and systems used to manage IT resources and an accurate review of license documents. The multi-stage analysis confirmed the Bank’s organizational efficiency and high quality of procedures in particular areas of software management. The Software Asset Management project has been carried out in the Bank?s head office and companies included in the capital group of PKO Bank Polski.

“By deciding to conduct the Software Asset Management procedure in accordance with the Microsoft methodology, we reviewed the licensing management processes within the company. The obtained results confirm that we interpret the license provisions in the correct way and effectively use the benefits of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. The received certificate confirms our ability to perceive software management not only from the perspective of the license, but first of all by taking into account the security of the bank’s IT infrastructure ” ? said Katarzyna Tańska, Director of the User Support Department at PKO Bank Polski.

46% of senior managers taking part in the study organized by Microsoft and EY “Security Trends. Security in the digital era” pointed the data leak prevention as one of the most important investment trends in the development of their companies. That is why the reliable software management within the organization is so important already from the moment of purchase, through implementation and operation, to the withdrawal of application and implementation of its newer versions.

“This is an important step increasing the level of security and the consistent approach to technology management in the company. We are pleased that PKO BP- an organization with such a large scale of activity and complexity, has decided to go through and successfully complete the SAM process. This participation proves the organizational maturity of the company and at the same time supports digital transformation in the entire Bank”? said Magda Taczanowska, Enterprise Sector Director at Microsoft.

Software Asset Management is a set of business procedures used for optimal management and protection of software used in the organizational structures. It combines people, processes and technology in order to improve the level of software?s security. The effect of these activities is the ability to optimize management of the entire IT infrastructure, which at the same time leads to increasing of the users? security. By implementing the SAM procedure the companies can strengthen their control over the developed infrastructure and other complex systems within the organization. SAM certification process is the fastest way to acquire an accurate and complete picture of the software, and thus to optimize the operational efficiency of the company.

“The proper software licensing in such big enterprises like PKO Bank Polski is always very challenging ? it requires specialist knowledge and involvement of appropriate resources. During the project it turned out that the Bank can deal with this issue and its difficulties. The role of auditors was (apart from capturing nuances and non-standard cases) primarily to discuss methods of the most optimal licensing solutions” ? said Janusz Krzyczkowski Senior Software Auditor, CEO of IPR Insights Polska.

The Certificate hand-over ceremony took place at the headquarters of Microsoft Poland on 25th August.