Wienerberger – IPR-Insights License Consulting


Most affiliates of multinational corporations operate centrally defined IT system, and their software procurement is also centralized. Although, it does not mean that affiliates have no local software asset management task. Wienerberger is the leading brick manufacturer in the world, and a dominant manufacturer of building materials in the Central East European region. The headquarter is in Austria, so the Hungarian company developed its software asset management system considering the expectations of Austrian IT management, too. Experts of IPR-Insights audited the system in order to meet all local criteria, as well. As a result, today ? beside centralized software procurement ? license allocation is more predictable and traceable, and the documentation of software procurement more transparent.

Software and Services

  • General review: we reviewed SAM-processes, and proposed necessary changes
  • Procurement consultancy: occasionally we provide consultancy on planning major software procurements
  • Localizing IT policies: we localized IT policies fof the parent company ? in order to match the local operation, and Hungarian regulations