Vodafone – IPR-Insights License Consulting


The youngest mobile operator in Hungary is the member of the Vodafone Group, which is one of the largest companies in the world. It has subsidiaries in 5 continents. In Hungary it came to an evolved market, so it had to fit both the market challenges and the parent company’s expectations. In this situation the head management decided to hire an external expert to develop their software asset management.

Software and Services

  • Implementing software asset management system: we implemented a 3rd party SAM system
  • Collecting hardware and software data: the hardware and software data was collected automatically through the network, we collected data manually from high security risk devices
  • Identification of unknown software: recognization of files already in the system’s database and identification of new unknown files
  • Processing licenses and invoices: we collected and registered the licenses and invoices into the SAM system
  • Implementing a physical license store: in accordance with the requirements of the client’s specific needs we implemented a physical storage system for liceses
  • Comparing the software usage and the software assets: at the end of the project we compared the software usage with the software assets, analysed the differences and proposed solutions


  • Sándor Zsoldos