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Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta)

Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) is a state owned enterprise, and one of the largest employers in the country. Several sites, postal services and offices perform tasks related with the services provided, and that requires the usage of several thousands of IT devices and applications. Probably, this company has the largest computer portfolio in the country, so handling its software assets is obviously a great challenge.

Software and Services

  • Auditing software asset management processes: we audited the already established corporate processes related with SAM
  • Auditing software asset management policies: we audited the already established corporate policies related with SAM
  • General review: we reviewed SAM-processes, and proposed necessary changes
  • Oracle software usage and license audit: Prior to an Oracle software procurement, we audited software usage, and compared that with the licenses already purchased


  • Sándor Zsoldos
  • Eszter Gáspár-Hidasi
  • dr. Eszter Telek
  • Orsolya Bock