Gedeon Richter – IPR-Insights License Consulting

Gedeon Richter

Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter Plc. is a Central East European regional pharmaceutical company with Hungarian control. The parent company, and its manufacturing affiliates in four countries, Gedeon Richter is a key player among regional pharmaceutical companies. This prestigious enterprise, founded in 1901, asked for our assistance in screening server-side software usage and processes.

Software and Services

  • General review: we reviewed server-side SAM-processes, and proposed necessary changes
  • Expert support in negotiations with vendors, settling disputes: we provided support in negotiations with vendors, and we helped settling disputes
  • Oracle license management services: we collected characteristics and data of Oracle product usage, summarized rights granted by licenses, and we provided licensing consultancy upon these information


  • Sándor Zsoldos
  • dr. Eszter Telek
  • Zsolt Csala
  • Ádám Nyuzó