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SAM Tools and Services
2019. August 1. Thursday
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Unlike the unexpected costs of vendor audits, planned and realistic costs of proactive software management can be integrated into tense IT budgets, és hatékonyan csökkentik a kockázatot és a licencköltségeket is.

The risks and outcomes of an audit can be significantly influenced by preparation, ie a proactive software management approach. It is important to note that any “help” offered by vendors is not selfless: preparation tools offered primarily aim for license sales. Only an independent licensing consultant and a vendor-independent SAM tool can guarantee that you pay only the license fees that meet your company’s real software needs – no more no less.

Ideally, preparation begins of your own accord, well before the formal audit notice is received. This gives you more time to assess your actual software usage needs and compare them to your current software usage and licenses you have purchased.

The duration of the task is influenced by organizational capabilities and software vendor(s), but for a larger organization, it is worth counting for at least 12 months, as a lot of data outside the daily routine must be collected, that can hardly be automated or requires research. The underestimation of the necessary costs is as general as that of incompliance.

As an independent consultant, IPR-Insights helps you develop a proactive software asset management approach and develop SAM processes that allow you to be prepared for software vendor audits. Ready-to-use, accurate reports can be presented to the vendor’s expectations with the help of a SAM tool, with minimal time, energy and cost.