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2019. August 1. Thursday
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Organizations operating significant IT-infrastructure are affected by more and more licensing changes. According to our research, the world trend is also prevalent in the region that companies face more and more frequent vendor audits – 2/3 of responding companies were affected!

Most active auditors tend to offer complex licensing models for their often inescapable  – being quasi-industry standards – software products. These vendors often have quantified audit revenue plans:

  • There was a year when half of Oracle’s new database license revenue came from audits
  • Microsoft audits enterprise clients in every third year
  • IBM has a separate department dealing with audits
  • SAP audits clients online continuously
  • After several acquisitions, Micro Focus, which has an extensive portfolio (eg HPE), is increasingly active in auditing.


The audit process often requires more financial and human resources than planned, and its length might exceed 1-3 months – taking more than 100 hours of the IT department’s precious time.

About one-fifth of the companies accept vendor consultation to prepare, which is typically “free,” but the vendor’s consultant, understandably, attempts to remedy the identified incompliance merely through license purchases. Thus, the user indirectly pays multiple costs of the consultation.

IPR-Insights supports clients as an independent consultant. The sooner we start working together, the more costs and risks can be eliminated! If software asset management starts before the audit request, then there is the greatest chance for overall optimization. Although the time frame is narrower, we can also help after the audit notice. If the audit is done, space is narrow, but the incompliance defined by the software vendor may still be reduced. IPR-Insights offers several types of support: