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SAM Tools and Services
2010. July 29. Thursday
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For following appropriate software management practice, all of the hardware and software assets should be surveyed, which can be an enormous task even for a midsize company. The surveyed data change and become obsolete quickly, however, there are many company procedures that require correct and current hardware and software data.

  • Most frequently, the claim arises as IT claim, because these data are necessary to plan projects, make changes which fit business demand and execute other IT procedures.
  • Besides the IT area, the business processes of the company require these data continuously as well since these are essential to prepare and follow the budgets, plan new IT procurements or to comply with the accountancy obligations.
  • Finally, such third-parties also have to be mentioned, i.e., for example, the vendors and developers of the used software products, or the authorities which can require such data from the company.

With regard to the above-mentioned facts, IPR-Insights recommends introducing a convenient software asset management system for working up and maintaining software asset management. IPR-Insights provides the following services with the system:

  • Delivering software asset management system
  • Introducing software asset management system
  • Operation and support of software asset management system
  • Identification of unknown software products


Our proprietary SAM system was created on the basis of the concerning standards and recommendations, practical experiences of several software asset management projects and compliance audits.