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2015. December 9. Wednesday
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Based on our experience, 70-90% of our new customers purchase their software licenses in a less beneficial way than it is possible. The extent of this difference for a given procurement can be up to 40% and it might stay on this level for several years because of the maintenance and support fees due afterwards.

The underlying causes are numerous, but the most obvious reason is no doubt the lack of comprehensive information from software vendors and developers. It?s not surprising, because while the right owners compete with each other by offering seemingly more favorable licensing programs for their customers, their primary interest is still maximizing their own profits, for example by keeping the final prices high.

In addition, the information is changing as quickly that makes nearly impossible for IT professionals to keep up with the daily changes.

The Procurement optimization services of IPR-Insights are based on the nearly 20-years-experience of our professionals acquired in the software licensing field. Our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable in the areas of the different licensing solutions. Furthermore during the more than 10 years of operation of IPR-Insights they accumulated significant practical experiences in various vendor discussions when the company represented its clients’ interests. This accumulated knowledge and experience is embodied in a know-how and the application of this know-how could result 20-40% less software acquisition costs.

Before demanding this service several typical questions come up from the clients, thus we draw your attention to the following:

– our company is not interested in selling other developers?/vendors? software licenses in any ways, thus we do our job independently form the right owners; in the course of providing our services we take only our customers? interests into consideration;

we reach our results by 100% legal proposals that fully comply with the given vendor’s licensing policies;

we do not reach our results merely by reducing the number of licenses (however if we realize legal and feasible possibilities by this method, we include them in our proposals).

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