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2016. November 1. Tuesday
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No support for IBM License Metric Tool 7.x

The vendor does not support License Metric Tool (ILMT) 7.2.2 from September 2016, and v 7.5 from April 2017! From these dates, IBM Support does not help users in resolving any problem related to these versions, and will not publish patches.

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

Latest functions, certifications, and IBM Support is available only in case you migrate your environment to License Metric Tool 9.x, that is a new generation of the application built on BigFix technology. Lack of vendor support to widespread 7.x versions of ILMT makes license managements tasks quite difficult.

Meanwhile, in virtualized environments – with few exceptions –, ILMT usage is a compulsory condition in the license agreement. Auditors of IBM pay particular attention to the fact, whether License Metric Tool is installed in all virtualized IBM software environment, so that software usage data can be recovered. Auditors accept ILMT metrics as authentic.

Based on our experiences, ILMT is installed only in part of systems concerned at most organizations, and even those are often not in use. In lack of full range ILMT usage, not only the virtualized, but the total physical hardware environment must be licensed! Experts of IPR-Insights can assist client in migration and full range installation based on their extensive project experiences.

Analyzing and optimizing IBM software licenses

IPR-Insights optimization service provides you a transparent view on IBM software – Cognos, Tivoli, WebSphere, Lotus, Content Manager, DB2, Rational, Maximo, SPSS, Unica, TM1 – regarding the Effective License Position (ELP) of your organization.

IPR-Insights is not an IBM reseller, so no result of an IBM optimization service in in conflict with our business interests. As an independent licensing consultant, we help our clients in legitimate and cost effective software asset management, so that they spend just as much for software as it is really necessary, and no more!

Why should you use our IBM optimization service?

  • Achieving compliance in IBM software licensing.
  • Optimizing annual IBM Subscription & Support (S&S) costs.
  • You cannot get IBM audit unprepared.
  • Establishing proper IBM license management focus in the organization.

Get clear picture on optimization potential in your IBM license fees in 3 steps

  1. Analyzing installation status
  2. Analyzing legitimacy status
  3. Report and presentation of Effective License Position (ELP)

Details of ILMT migration and IBM license optimization are included in its flyer (HU).

If you are interested in ILMT migration and IBM license optimization, send us a mail, so that we can inform you personally in detail!