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2016. June 28. Tuesday
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Software assets are critical elements of IT systems, their management requires complex IT, accounting, and legal knowledge. Software License Optimization (SLO) extends beyond handling the legal risk of non-compliant software usage.

The inadequate treatment of license lifecycles may load significant extra costs and risks on the organization: the financial risk of overlicensing, unfavorable procurement, unused shelfware, etc. According to IDC: ‘Software license complexity will cost organizations an average of 25% of their software license budgets in 2016.’

More and more CEOs and CFOs realize that software assets are not only the CIO’s problem. Applying license optimization processes and technologies are unavoidable tools risk and cost reduction. Consultants of IPR-Insights are aware of best practices, opportunities, and probable pitfalls, so they can provide organizations a helping hand, so that they spend just as much for software as it is really necessary, and no more.

Our experts are at your disposal including but not limited to these types of consulting services:

  • Creating software asset management strategy in line with IT strategy
  • Procurement optimization
  • Preparing individual software license contracts
  • Regulations of internal developments
  • Software outsourcing contracts and regulations
  • Professional assistance in negotiations with vendors, and settling disputes
  • ILMT migration, IBM license optimization
  • Microsoft optimization service
  • Oracle optimization service
  • SAP optimization service
  • etc.