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2010. July 29. Thursday
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Whatever management decisions we make, a basic question certainly emerges: ‘What kind of assets do we currently have?’ It sounds simple. However, when it comes to managing IT decisions, especially software-related ones, the picture is far from simple.

The ability to give a simple answer becomes doubtful when we think about it: in the case of software, we even need to refine the question. ‘What kind of assets is in use and what kind of software licenses are granted currently?’ These two sets match rarely by 100% accuracy.

The situation becomes more complicated if the experimental fact is considered, that an average medium company or an enterprise use thousands of different software products nowadays, which are manufactured by hundreds of vendors. To survey this infrastructure completely – including the inventory of hardware and hundreds of software products installed on the computers, furthermore the arrangement of presented license documents and analysis of divergences – appears frightening job for a company that has limited IT resources.

Consultants of IPR-Insights have gained experience of several years in creating software inventories, and, in the course of this inventory, they execute the following steps in cooperation with the customer:

Step 1: Collection of hardware and software data over the network and/or by manual data collection

Step 2: Creation of physical license inventory

Step 3: Processing of the presented licenses and invoices

Step 4: Comparison of software usage and software assets, analysis of divergences