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SAM Tools and Services
2010. July 29. Thursday
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Software asset management can deal with diversified procedures in the life of a company, so similarly to other management procedures, SAM procedures cannot be operated properly without appropriate regulation background. In the case of SAM procedures regulations have high importance, because these make it possible for the corporate management to decrease the risk of unintended mistakes and intended legal infringements and to delegate a part of their responsibility to other participants in the procedure.

If this area is intended to be regulated, further to the preparation of software usage policy and software asset management regulations, these regulations should be embedded in the actual regulation environment, or, if it is necessary, other related areas should be regulated as well.

Consultants of IPR-Insights gained practical experience in creating software asset management regulations at many companies in the last few years. Using this experience our consultants can support your work by providing the below services:

  • Audit of software asset management procedures
  • Creation and on demand modification of responsibility map
  • Revision of software asset management regulations
  • Creation of software asset management regulations and procedures
  • Regulation of in-house developments
  • Creation of software outsourcing contracts and regulations