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SAM Tools and Services
2019. August 1. Thursday
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Many questions and problems arise in the course of creation and operation of corporate software asset management procedures, which can be supported effectively on the basis of the knowledge of diverse software asset management procedures and related areas (IT, law, accountancy, corporate management etc.) or by comprehension of licensing policies and requirements of numerous software vendors/developers. Assembling and continuous improvement or just preserving of this knowledge can burden the company, and can decrease the resources of the basic activities.

The consultants of IPR-Insights are the experts of the mentioned areas, who own comprehensive experiences and appropriate software asset management practice. They are aware of the tried and tested “best practice”, the possibilities and the occasional pitfalls of the areas and the labyrinth of software licensing, so they can help you to create appropriate and company-specific solutions and to optimize software costs of the company.

Our experts – without completeness – provide the following services:

  • Creating software asset management strategy as part of the IT strategy
  • Procurement consultancy
  • Drafting specific software license agreements
  • Regulation of in-house developments
  • Software outsourcing agreements and regulations
  • Consultancy in vendor negotiations and other disputes
  • etc.