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SAM Tools and Services
2010. August 3. Tuesday
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Our conviction is that training of the people who work in the SAM area and transferring the software asset management knowledge to them is essential for creating and maintaining appropriate software asset management procedures of a company. These experts have to know the licensing strategy of the software vendors and developers as well.

According to our experiences, only a few software vendors/developers organize trainings and further educations, where the software asset managers and other SAM actors can get acquainted with the licensing principles and practical information. If such trainings are provided by the software vendor/developer, these educations focus on the vendors’/developers’ own licensing principles and practical information, so the of overall principles of the area – i.e. handholds to understand any licensing model, license agreement and price structure – cannot be studied this way.

Thus the experts of IPR-Insights arrange trainings with regard to the mentioned standpoints specified to the company needs in the following subjects:

  • Copyright and responsibility questions
  • Software asset management
  • Licensing models of the vendors
  • Accounting workshop