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2019. August 1. Thursday
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It should not be overlooked in enterprise software asset management that software is intellectual property subject to special legal provisions. An up-to-date understanding of these features implies a specialization that is often not in the possession of even well-qualified by lawyers or corporate lawyers. It cannot be ignored either that legal expertise is worthless without the knowledge of the technology involved and reliable data.

The IPR-Insights legal team has up-to-date knowledge and extensive experience in software copyright, vendor license agreements, free software terms of use, licensing and vendor reviews, and in general, the civil and criminal aspects of compliant software use, and they receive widespread support from IPR-Insights Operator and Development Team.

In order to properly manage the legal risks associated with your software tools and minimize their financial and reputational impact, it is worth relying on software lawyers’ support.

IPR-Insights consultants offer you the following services:

  • Legal advisory related to software copyright
  • Editing, reviewing, licensing software use (licensing) contracts
  • Representation of users in software vendor audits, user-side management of software vendor audits (communication with vendor and auditor, handling of data provision, privacy and confidentiality issues, resolution of identified incompliances, risk management)
  • Identifying and neutralizing FLOSS licensing risks using freeware
  • Software license transfer review, license agreement due diligence review
  • Consultancy with regard to the sale and purchase of second-hand software licenses, risk identification, and neutralization, documentation verification, and preparation.