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2010. August 3. Tuesday
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For the sake of the legal accounting management of software assets, the manager must know two professional fields: further to the concerning accounting knowledge, the appropriate IT acquaintance is also essential. This kind of professional knowledge combination is rare, or, if it is available, must be improved continuously.

Besides these, the area itself requires special accounting knowledge, with especial regard to those companies which procure software as affiliate of a multinational company group under an international agreement or distribute the licenses among more sites in the country. In the case of the various transformations, mergers, acquisitions, terminations, successions is typical that the management of software assets often falls into background, so the company can get into trouble unexpectedly.

For the sake of bringing the mentioned two areas nearer and avoiding the risks the consultants of IPR-Insights provides the following services:

  • Accounting audit of software assets
  • Making accounting recommendation concerning software assets
  • Accounting workshop