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2010. August 12. Thursday
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“The user-friendly tool for cost-effective and legitimate software asset management.”

For the development and long-term sustenance of effective software management IPR-Insights suggests using a license-audit and registry system.

The SAM-Insights system

Computers and software are essential tools for companies. Their procurement, maintenance, and development are important budget items, and they also influence the efficiency of the employees, their work, and, eventually, the performance of the organization as a whole.

The sheer value of software-related spending alone makes Software Asset Management a strategic area, while regulatory and legal compliance are also paramount for today’s enterprises.

True management of software assets requires up-to-date information on actual software usage, and accurate supporting documentation including license agreements, related invoices, as well as standards for software asset accounting and procurement. Regulatory and licensing compliance result from the successful practice of the above areas, leading to risk-free operation of the company.

As software are developed to be more and more user-friendly, they also become increasingly complex. This, combined with the extreme speed of new software developments, also makes record-keeping of software and hardware products more and more challenging.

Efficient software asset management requires, above all, the knowledge of the types and quantities of software used at the company by vendor, product, version, et cetera. This detailed installation data is the foundation for both screenings against existing software licenses to review compliance and to identify unwanted software usage for IT security.

These results serve as the foundation for attaining and compliance. Maintaining it requires further regular audits to be performed from time to time. Our license audit and software registry system supports this activity.

A typical asset inventory solution is designed to keep track of traditional hardware assets (e.g. computer hardware components), and not to record and apply intangible rights to use, like software licenses. A software license is, in fact, the permission by the copyright owner (the manufacturer of the software) enabling the user to use their software product (the intellectual property), under the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable agreement.

Owing to the vastly different requirements of users and applicability of software, even one particular piece of software can be obtained in various licensing models so that users may choose the model that best fits their preferences. It is also possible to obtain the right to use future versions (upgrades). A further challenge in administration and correct application of use rights for previous versions (downgrades) or, in case of some products, lesser editions of the same product.

The SAM-Insights software asset management system was created by our dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the field of software licensing and software asset management audits. Our product is unique on the market in its ability to address the complexity of licensing, making it easy for our customers to both collect software and hardware data from workstations and servers and to administer and automatically assign licenses in enterprise environments.

SAM-Insights Core System

SAM-Insights is a modular system and its modules support various segments of software asset management. (Some modules provide functionalities covered by the SAM-Insights license, but implemented only upon request and for an additional fee.)

SAM-Insights Additional Modules

There are also optional modules available for an additional charge. These modules provide extra functionality for the SAM-Insights system:

For more information please download THE SAM-INSIGHTS PRODUCT SHEET!