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2016. December 8. Thursday
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Specialties of Oracle audits

The audit of Oracle Database products is different from that of software products identified upon installation files: first, license need is not solely defined by installed functions, but internal configurations, and hardware environment are also calculated. Moreover, they are typically used in a Linux or UNIX environment.

The intensive audit activity of Oracle, and – based on most users’ opinion – its opaque license terms carry considerable financial risk in case of non-compliant usage. At the same time, Oracle licenses may make up a significant part of software assets in a corporate environment, so there is a significant demand for supporting and automating software asset management tasks.

ORCA for SAM-Insights tool

The ORCA tool was configured and developed based on the specialties described above and is offered from 30-50 Oracle DB servers as an individual solution or integrated with SAM-Insights Core System.

ORCA for SAM-Insights provides a solution for the unique specialties of the vendor’s Database products and facilitates the contractual identification of usage.

Oracle audit process

After defining the scopes of audit, data collection is carried out by scripts. Automatic evaluation of script-outputs shows which components of the certain product are switched on and in use.

Based on the extracted usage and hardware data, and also upon mapping the virtualization environment, the system defines usage to be licensed.

The tool supports processing license needs and per server usage data extracted from Oracle audits, and based on them, determining compliance. It assists in creating a clear view of Oracle Database usage, and preparing plans for license optimization and reducing under licensing.

The tool transfers license need detected and per server usage data through an interface to the SAM-Insights core system, where results are registered.

Due to the specific licensing rules of Oracle, licenses purchased usually are subject to different rules. Therefore, comparing usage and licenses remains a consultant job.

In compliance statements, commonly used improper method is the full application of current rules on the environment. The contractual method we apply is more accurate and may result in a more favorable compliance state.

Results of the audit

ORCA for SAM-Insights makes software usage visible. As a result:

  • operators will be aware of usage to be licensed related to their databases,
  • license manager will see license need based on usage,
  • relying on the results, IT management will get the opportunity of managing Oracle license assets instead of following pure risk-averse strategy.

Based on the accurate information, and with the help of our consultants, audit risks and the ways to settle them by licensing methods can be discovered. Audit data provides a basis to begin license optimization based on usage and infrastructure, in order to decrease operational and investment costs.