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SAM Tools and Services
2019. July 30. Tuesday
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Major milestones in IPR-Insights’ life:

April 2019: IPR-Insights is listed among 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Asset Management consulting services and transforming businesses by CIO Applications Europe.

February 2019: The Carpathians Venture Capital Fund invested HUF 465 Million in IPR-Insights CEE company group.

February 2019: Further Licenseacademy courses are available: IBM and SAP advanced courses, meanwhile, Microsoft and Oracle advanced courses have 2 days program both.

December 2018: The annual turnover of the group exceeded HUF 600 Million.

January 2018: The new year started with the 500th successfully completed SAM project!

June 2017: we moved to a new location, to BSR Center office building – again at Váci street.

May 2017: The program of IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy is improved by Cloud course.

June 2016: Consultants of IPR-Insights have successfully completed 400 software asset management projects!

April 2015: we opened our office in Warsaw. IPR-Insights Poland offers software asset management services and tools to clients in Poland.

March 2015: we moved to a new location, to Capital Square office building at Váci street.

February 2015: Bonitás Venture Capital Fund Management Company invested HUF 430 Million in our company – for financing our market expansion plans. Poland is definitely the biggest market in the region, so we launch our services first there.

January 2015: company reorganization: IPR-Insights International is the Head Office, IPR-Insights Hungary offers our services to clients in Hungary, and local affiliates will work on the respective markets we plan to enter.

October 2013: EU-funded training for our colleagues: we developed command of English, project management, presentation, technology, and teamwork skills of our professionals.

May 2010: 5 consultants of IPR-Insights takes Microsoft Certified Professional exam (70-673: Designing, Assessing, and Optimizing Software Asset Management (SAM), thus IPR becomes the company in Hungary which employs the most experts (8 people) who passed this exam.

June 2009: IPR-Insights received the 2009 Software Asset Management Partner of the Year Finalist title form Microsoft

December 2008: during this year, our colleagues successfully passed the EU-co-funded and HEFOP-3.4.1-08/1 (National Development Plan for Human Resources Development Operational Program) supported systems engineer and English language courses.

November 2008: We moved to our new office at Váci street.

September 2008: ISO 19770-1 standard is published in Hungarian as a result of BSA Hungary – MSZT/MB 819 Committee – IPR-Insights cooperation

July 2008: conciliation (supported by our company) of ISO 19770-1 Hungarian standard draft with MSZT/MB 819 Committee is finished and final draft is published

July 2008: IPR achieves support from ?HEFOP ? Training Assistance at Work? programme for system engineer training and professional English education

June 2008: our company achieves ?Oracle License Management Service Partner? title

April 2008: IPR finishes revising Hungarian translation of ISO 19770-1

March 2008: further five of our consultants take Microsoft Certified Professional examination (70-123: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a SAM Program), thus IPR becomes the company in Hungary which employs the most experts (7 people) who passed this exam

September 2007: our company achieves ?Microsoft Certified Partner? title in ?Software Asset Management? competence

July 2007: Web Request Module of SAM-Insights (which supports software requests via Internet) is released

April 2007: IPR initiates at Hungarian Standards Institution to translate the ?ISO 19770-1 Software Asset Management: Processes? standard

March 2007: SAM-Insights Online Electronic Sales and Customer Service System is released

February 2006: IPR achieves support from ?GVOP ? E-connections Development among Business Partners? programme for development and deployment of SAM-Insights Online Electronic Sales and Customer Service System

June 2005: Enterprise Module of SAM-Insights (which supports centralized software asset management of enterprises) is released and deployed to our first reference client

June 2005: first software asset management project is finished which contains SAM-Insights system deployment

February 2005: first version of SAM-Insights software asset management system is released

August 2004: IPR achieves support from ?Trade Development Estimates? for creating marketing assets

June 2004: after long and futile search of a SAM system that meets clients? real needs and requirements, IPR begins to develop its own system based on years of professional experiences and project edification

January 2004: IPR achieves support from ?SZVP ?Micro and Small Companies? Assistance for Internet Appearance? programme for creating its website

April 2003: IPR organizes ?Software License Forum? conference for companies which are interested in software asset management

January 2003: our company finishes its first software asset management project and deploys (third party) software asset management system to the client

October 16, 2002: IPR-Insights Ltd. is founded to handle software asset management questions exclusively