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2010. August 12. Thursday
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Our company accurately preserves its written and unwritten values. We believe it is important that our business activities and all our appearances show the signs of our ethical commitment, and that our values define our movements.
Our most important values are: freedom, sincerity, unconditional trust, modesty, responsibility, team spirit and holding family in reverence. We are proud that all our colleagues respect these values and they determine their private life too.

Quality politics

We consider working on the all-time highest technical and theoretical level, with the most careful foresight and in respect of all relative legal and professional references, as basic expectation.

We do our work knowing the highest level of professional sources. The theory and process of our audits and reviews rely on the general rules of EN ISO 19011, and on the standards and references of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a decisive organisation of information technology in the United States. The COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) reference of ISACA is also an important post to our work, which is a widely accepted and used standard of audit technology.

Looking at the content of our reviews and audits, we rely on the ISO 19770-1:2006 standard (Information technology – Software asset management) and the related reference of the IT Infrastructure Library (Best practice for Software Asset Management).

Professional responsibility

Our business means a lot larger responsibility than the pure project activities. We are aware of that, and try to correspond by using our competence to move forward the respect of intellectual property rights and the adequate theory of software asset management in our closer and wider environment. We hold presentations at conferences, write professional articles, share valuable information through our websites. Our latest contribution was – as an important part of our professional efforts – assistance at the adoption of the ISO 19770-1 standard.

Environmental politics

The management and the team of IPR-Insights are committed to saving the environment. Throughout our office work and our projects we intend to keep an environment friendly attitude and try to stick to “Green IT” intellectuality.

Grant and support

We believe our business successes should have wider effects and become a success for the community as well. We feel responsible for our environment, should it mean the nature or the people around us. For many years now, at each Christmas we support a charitable trust to make the season even more mellow and affectionate. We always choose a foundation that has similar aims and values as we do. We decide after joint consideration and share the joy of giving with our clients and partners.

We supported:

  • 2015: we supported the Together for Children with Tumor Foundation: we contributed to the procurement of a laser device for the Onkology of Children’s Clinic in Tűzoltó street. That instrument cures haemangioms on the surface of skin
  • 2013: we supported the Together for Children with Tumor Foundation in their children transport activity to the Onkology of Children’s Clinic in Tűzoltó street and back home, carried out upon only donations, no governmental aid
  • 2012: we supported the Together for Children with Tumor Foundation in the purchase of the 2013 standard of haematology protocols based on the latest researches, that improves the recovery chances of all children with leukemia in Hungary
  • 2011: we supported the Hungarian Foundation for Paediatric Emergency Care: we contributed to the procurement of devices used in free training of lay rescuers (nursery, kindergarten, school teachers, parent), and for professionals (district nurses, general practitioners, paramedic staff).
  • 2007: Together for Children with Tumor Foundation – we contributed to the acquisition of a life saving Liquid Chromatography for the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital
  • 2006: Together for Children with Tumor Foundation – we contributed to the acquisition of special children’s oncology emergency ambulance that provides sterile circumstances and is equipped with life saving instruments
  • 2005: we supported the Hungarian Ambulance for Preterm Born Public Endowment
  • 2004: we supported the Together for Children with Tumor Foundation