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SAM Tools and Services
2010. August 12. Thursday
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IPR-Insights License Consulting was founded in October 2002, as a 100% Hungarian-owned Company. Our goal is to provide overall services and solutions for enterprises to their SAM (Software Asset Management) questions and horizontal overview among the SAM affected areas for chief officers.

It is our philosophy that the achievement of ideal procedures – i.e. process system which ensures the transparency of software asset management – is possible in each case, whatever company culture and structure is available, even though SAM is one of the most difficult economic areas due to its complexity.

Our SAM system, SAM-Insights has a unique view on SAM processes and tasks, which enables the system to support orientation to the best. Its modular structure allows us to tailor-make the system to our clients’ needs, operation principle and division set-up.

The validation of economic efficiency, the respect of law, ethical and environmental theories is a pillar to our business. We believe we can contribute to law-awareness within our closer and wider environment.

It is our aim to take a leading role in several professional initiatives, which are decisive to the near and more distant future. To name an example, we have contributed to the appearance of the local version of the ISO 19770-1 standard (September 2008). Our job was to vet the text and to support the conciliation as a professional consultant. As all SAM projects begin with an informatics asset inventory, we are happy to support initiatives that aim average infrastructure optimization, server consolidation or the newly picked-up GreenIT initiative, as they all show that it is more than possible to act economic- and environment minded in all areas of informatics.

Due to our business type, social responsibility is a natural and determining part of our life, still, we try to go further and take larger responsibility, outside of our business field. Each year, at Christmas time we support a charitable fund, that represents the values we share and that takes an active part in making the world nicer, more balanced and joyful for our fellow-beings.