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SAM-Insights Knowledge Base: over 4 Million executable files

Effective software asset management is unimaginable without a system automating the possible most elements of the process. SAM-Insights is that type of user friendly tool: now it recognizes more than 4 Million executable files! It is dedicated SAM application, performing comprehensive and extensive data collection, interpreting their context, and producing information needed for license allocation.

Since the compliance of the whole SAM process depends on the reliability of software usage data, the method of compiling the list of software usage is very important. Unfortunately, assessment of ?Add/Remove? list of Windows and header information of executable files is difficult, and results in an outcome with lots of errors.

Unlike other similar tools, SAM-Insights does not regard collecting program files and header information as job completed. Just like creating a genome: in addition to program files, header information, WMI classes and registry records, it collects all footprints, left behind by installations on hard disks. Without that information, 70-80% of the most widespread software products could not be clearly identified!

SAM-Insights adatgyűjtés
SAM-Insights data collection

By comprehensive data collection, the task is, of course, not over: information must be interpreted in context, and then stored. The purpose of identification is defining marketed software packages. SAM-Insights is a fully functional software asset management tool: it recognized particular software packages, based on its large database, quickly identifies them, continuously updates its own product information database, and converts collected data to information needed for license allocation.

The exact calculation license need ? and thus, ensuring compliance ? is based on the comprehensive data collection, so by recognizing over 4 Million executable files, SAM-Insights is an outstanding software asset management tool for  license managers, and IT executives.