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SAM Tools and Services

Asset Management has become a core process at firms looking to save costs by creating value through the protection of their most sensitive properties. In recent times, the growth of technology utilisation at organisations has seen companies in a wide variety of enterprise segments rise above their issues by deploying state-of-the-art asset management services. The

April 25, 2019 CIO Applications Europe: Top 10 Asset Management Consulting / Services Companies — 2019 While leading a sales team at Microsoft in 2002, Sándor Zsoldos had to communicate with clients about the then changing Microsoft licensing model. The new model would give customers numerous options for their software asset management (SAM), leaving them

2017. September 15. Friday
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PKO Bank Polski received a Microsoft certificate confirming the successful completion of the Software Asset Management (SAM) process and the fulfillment of quality standards in software management. The aim of the project was to review internal procedures related to software management in the company. Thanks to implementation of the Software Asset Management process PKO Bank

2017. January 16. Monday
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Leipzig, Nieuwegein, Antwerp, London, Munich, Vienna, Paris, 16.01.2017 – Softline Group, an international IT consulting group focusing on Software Asset Management (SAM), IT security, virtualization, and infrastructure management has signed a partnership with IPR-Insights, the independent expert providing complex corporate Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and license consultancy. “The Softline Group continues to grow, both

2012. August 3. Friday
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An enterprise – that is about to virtualize its server environment – has to carefully select the technology that will support its notions and needs, both from capability and price point of view, as a project like this can turn into a disaster, if the company does not apply the appropriate license constructions in the virtual

2012. August 2. Thursday
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The decision of the European Court may bring changes in copyright law, and in software consumer habits across the Member States – says in his interview about software remarketing to Computerworld Sándor Zsoldos, the Managing Director of IPR. The European Court declared, that even in the case of downloaded products – meaning products without installation

2012. May 22. Tuesday
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By inventorizing their licenses enterprises mainly intend to eliminate the unauthorized utilization of software products and the risks linked to this. This is only the first step though towards efficient software management, as the way to achieve real cost saving is very challenging, therefore it is worth going down that road supported by experts of