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SAM Tools and Services
2010. October 20. Wednesday
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New version of ClientPack – loaded with a lot of new features – has been released.

The SAM-Insights Client Pack is a complex utility, which contains the SAMScan data collector client. It lets the client to store the data collections offline and upload it when a network connection available. It can update itself, the SAMScan client and it can be managed remotely.

The ClientPack can use various ways to communicate with the servers, these parameters can be set in the configuration file. Data can be send through TLSFTP, HTTPS, SMTP or via UNC path, and can be received via SMB, TLSFTP or HTTPS. The communication is secured and can be set up individually for every sub-networks.

The ClientPack can send data collections to the server through also on the internet or via VPN connection.

Nagy Sándor

Nagy Sándor